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Product Information:
Stress Analysis Installation Tools and Accessories
Includes: SSH-1 Surgical Shears, STW-1 Tweezers,BTW-1 Tweezer,DPR-1 Dental Probe,SSC-1 Surgical Scalpel and Blade,SSC-2 Replacement Scalpel Blades,SSS-1 Steel Scale,DP-1 4-H Drafting Pencil,DWC-1 Diagonal Cutters,NNP-1 Needle-Nosed Pliers,ATS-2 Gage Application Tool Set,GT-11 Camel's Hair Brush,SPT-1 Stainless Steel Mixing Spatula,SPT-2 Stainless Steel Mixing Spatula,MHG-1 Master Mite Heat Gun,MHG-2 Master Mite Heat Gun,PCT-3M Gage Installation Tape,PCT-3D, PCT-3MD, PDT-3 Paper Drafting Tape PLY-001 Kapton Film,MJG-2 Mylar Tape,TFT-2 Thermosetting Fiberglass Tape,FGC-1 Woven Fiberglass Cloth,TFE-2 High Modulus TFE Teflon with Silicone Mastic,HSC-1 Spring Clamp,HSC-2 Spring Clamp,HSC-3 Spring Clamp,GT-12 Neg'ator Constant Force Extension Spring Clamp,TFE-1 Teflon Film,GT-14 Pressure Pads and Backup Plates,SGP-1 Silicone Rubber,SGP-2 Silicone Rubber   PCT-3D PCT-3MD