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Product Information:
Wire and Cable
Includes: AWP Single-Conductor Solid Wire,AWN Single-Conductor Solid Wire,AWQ Single-Conductor Solid Wire,GWF Single-Conductor Solid Wire,HWN Single-Conductor Solid Wire,JWN Single-Conductor Solid Wire,DWV Single-Conductor Stranded Wire,FWK Single-Conductor Stranded Wire,FWT Single-Conductor Stranded Wire,DJV Three-Conductor Cable,DFV Three-Conductor Cable,BSV Three-Conductor Cable,DTV Three-Conductor Cable,DSV Three-Conductor Cable,DSV Three-Conductor Cable,FFE Three-Conductor Cable,FJT Three-Conductor Cable,FTE Three-Conductor Cable,GJF Three-Conductor Cable,DFV Four-Conductor Cable,DSV Four-Conductor Cable,DTV Four-Conductor Cable,FST Four-Conductor Cable,BSV Four-Conductor Cable,FTT Four-Conductor Cable, FTE Four-Conductor Cable,FFT Four-Conductor Cable,GL Flat Ribbon Lead (Uninsulated),KL Flat Ribbon Lead (Uninsulated),HST-1 Heat-Shrinkable Wire Splice Sealant,WTS-1 Thermal Wire Stripper,WTS-2 Thermal Wire Stripper,WTS-A Replacement Elements